Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Installation Checklist….

Once all payments are received per previous agreement, you will need to get prepared for the installation. Please note that all privacy issues will be maintained. Here is the list:

1. Please be sure to download a copy of your current template on your computer. If you need instructions for this, let me know.

2. Please make copies of all your html/java scripts either on a “test” or “dummy” blog or on notepad.

3. After you have completed the above steps, please invite me to be an author using the following email address: twohogwild@gmail.com. Once I receive the invite I will respond. You will then need to grant me admin privileges. This is located under “authors”. If you need more explicit instructions, just let me know.

4. You must have an account with Photobucket.com. I will need your photobucket.com information to submit your images.

5. Agree to and acknowledge in writing the Terms and Conditions for Complete Pre-Made Blogs located here: Terms and Conditions for Pre-Made Blogs

6. Once the previous steps have been completed, I will notify you when I begin the installation on your blog and give you an estimated date of completion begin to design your blog. Once installation is complete, I will notify you that it is time to revoke my admin privileges on your blog.